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//Sports Events

Rectors Cup Tournament 2017

The members of the planning committee met with the coordinators from different Provinces, Regions and Congregations to plan for this year’s Rector’s Cup Tournament.

  1. TEAMS

Given the fact that some provinces/regions/congregations cannot make a team on their own, the house saw it wise to combine some and make complete teams. Those that have high numbers were just left like that.

The combined teams are: 1. Claritians+ Carmelites; 2. Redemptorists + AOC Province; 3.ANW Province+ ZAM Province.

This then meant that we will have six teams in this year’s edition. The teams are

  1. ZimbabweMozambique Province
  2. AOR Province
  3. RwandaBurundi Region
  4. ANW/ZAM Provinces
  5. Redemptorist/AOC
  6. Carmelites+Claritians

Having made these teams, it was agreed upon that we should use a pool/groups format were these teams will be divided into two groups of three. The group winners and second position will then proceed to the semifinals.

The groups are as follows:

Group A Group B
Rwanda/Burundi Zimbawe/Mozambique
Claritians/Carmelites AOR Province
ANW Province





  1. DATES

According to the calendar, the games are scheduled to begin on the 2nd of February and end on the 16th of February. It was noted that many students are having electives during the afternoons and so this will have a negative impact on the attendance and availability of players for the afternoon games. The house then suggested that we can make use of the Saturdays that fall between these two dates, the available ones are 11th and 18th of February. The Coordinators were therefore, given a task to liaise with their communities if they will be free on these Saturdays. It was agreed that we can find at least one Saturday which will be dedicated to soccer, while volleyball and basketball can be played during weekdays (weekdays will be plan B, that is if the other communities will not be available on a Saturday).

  1. Awards/Prizes

In as much as people welcomed the way awards were given for the Dean’s Cup, there was a general feeling that there should be awards in each discipline and then the overall award. Suggested awards for teams in disciplines and for the overall winner is a sponsored outing while individual awards will just be like those of the Dean’s Cup.