Certificate in Development Studies

//Certificate in Development Studies

Certificate in Sustainable Development Studies

Program Description

Our master certificate in sustainable development course will introduce participants to the different tenets of human, social, political economical and environmental complexities of the human society. You will learn the use of critical thinking and behavioral change to approach developmental issues, especially the alternatives to development. It will focus on the sustainability approach to solve real-world developmental problems.

Rationale for This Course.

  • In depth training in methodology, skills and behavioral change to solve complex societal, ecological and human problems.
  • Special emphasis on real world applications of sustainable development, problem solving.
  • National and international relations and participatory and collective learning environment in building long lasting networks.

Program Structure

There will be two main courses in order to attain the certificate in sustainable development.

  • Ecological Studies and critical thinking

This course will focus on the human and environmental interaction and the new innovative ways to think about our environment and our relations to it. There is a saying that a good person treats his horse well. It will introduce critical thinking and insights into our present situation and our future as humans.

  • Sustainable Development

This course will introduce students to alternatives to development and human growth. It will comprise of research methods, statistics, theories and the practice of sustainable development in Africa, especially. Students will engage in field trips, rural and urban research on issues relevant to the course as a final project.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for admission into this program a candidate should have at least 5 O’ levels and 2 A’ Level passes. English proficiency and mathematics/ statistics, computer literacy are core requirements for this course.


It is a semester long course, offered in the evening hours 5-7:30 PM twice a week. Course starts February 12, 2018.


Each course leading to the certificate is $200. The application fee of $10 will be charged, and $20 for late registration.