Mastes in Theology

//Mastes in Theology

Master of Arts in Theology

Entry Requirement

In addition to the entry requirement to AJU, the following will also be required for the MA in Theology (MTH).

A BA degree or equivalent in Theology, Philosophy or a relevant Social Science with an upper second-class honours or a cumulative Grade Point Average of 00 on a scale of 4.00; a lower second-class honours on a cumulative Grade Point Average of 50 on a scale of 4.00. In addition, this candidate must have received relevant training, or demonstrated research capability through research, paper presentation or peer-reviewed publications and relevant working experience.

Objective of the Program

  1. to equip candidates with knowledge and skills in their area of their specialisation
  2. to provide candidates with sufficient material to teach theology (at lower levels)
  3. to equip candidates to lead reflection in parish-based theological sharing groups
  4. to guide and accompany candidates in conducting theological research
  5. to introduce candidates to publishing theology that is context-aware, deep and professional

Program Requirement

Students are expected to complete 320 credits in order to attain the degree of MTh. Each student is required to take a minimum of 10 courses (4 core courses) and (6 electives) in specialisation courses, and (2 courses) in Research Methodology courses. These 10 courses are all attended in the first three semesters of the program. If a student has taken any of these courses in an undergraduate program at a recognised institution, then s/he may upgrade it/them to Masters level.


In every course (apart from languages), students are required to write a semester research paper. The lecturer for the respective course is available to guide the students in their research. In the first three semesters students are required to do two courses of introduction to Research Methodology.

In the fourth semester, each student is required to undertake a theology research project and write a thesis of at least 20,000 words. This thesis will be completed and defended in the fourth semester of the program. A successful pass of the thesis is necessary for overall awarding of the degree of M.Th.

Program Expectation

  1. to be ready to pursue a doctoral program of the same area to teach introductory courses in the area
  2. to organize formation at community and parish levels to advance the dialogue of faith and culture
  3. to disseminate creative contextual theology through research and publications.

Mode of Delivery

The instruction takes place in semesters – that is, 15-17 weeks of instruction, twice in an academic year. The program is delivered through face-to-face lectures and seminars, with the use of chalkboard and data projection, class discussions, visiting lectures, as well as continuous assessment tests, semester research papers, final exams and thesis-writing. Course material is distributed electronically, by e-mail, and on the college e-learning platform. Students are expected to make regular and extensive use of the library for reading material. Research of material is also done on the internet.

Research Method and Dissertation Writing.

Before embarking on the writing of their thesis, students are required to complete two courses (of 4 credits each) in the methodology of theological research. These two courses combined contribute eight credits towards the minimum one-third of the entire program devoted to research.

Components of the Program

Service program is part of the core requirement at AJU, MTH candidates are required to do service programs during their studies. Please consult the Dean for further details.