The Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

In order to serve you better, we have some of the frequently asked questions about Arrupe College and its programs.

What programs are offered at Arrupe College?

We offer short courses in development, education, languages – Greek, French, Portuguese, Latin among others, certificate courses in Spirituality, Retreat Direction, ICT, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree courses in philosophy and humanities.

Is Arrupe College an accredited university or college in Zimbabwe?

Yes, Arrupe College is an Associate College of University of Zimbabwe and an Affiliate college of the Gregorian University in Rome.

Who can attend Arrupe College?

Anyone with a valid secondary school university admission equivalent can attend Arrupe College.

Is Arrupe College only for Catholics?

Arrupe College is a Catholic College in the formidable tradition of the Jesuits. Yet, it is open to everyone of every tribe, race, nationality and religion.

How long are Arrupe programmes?

The short courses are usually for four months, the certificate courses are from four to eight months and the Bachelors is for four or three years depending on either University of Zimbabwe or Gregorian. The masters degree is for 18 months.

Is Arrupe for religious men and women only?

No, Arrupe is for every gender as long as one meets the admission requirements.

How much will it cost me to attend Arrupe?

The tuition fees always vary according to the programme of study. The short courses usually cost $200.00 and the degree courses are a bit higher.

When can I start at Arrupe?

Our Academic Year runs from August to May. We accept new intakes every August and January each year.