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Chiedza is a Journal of Arrupe College aimed at giving the students the opportunity to engage in critical reflection about issues that affect Africa in the broader global community, in the areas of Philosophy, Humanities, and Theology. The Journal fulfills a double function of serving as an academic space that Arrupe College offers her students to develop the virtues of academic writing, and an apostolic function of creating a platform for shedding light on Africa and issues that affect Africa in the world. The journal, which has been in existence for about 14 years now, is published two times a year under the auspices of Arrupe College.

Composition of the Board
The activities of the board are coordinated by an editorial board of about thirteen members, which is usually comprised of the students of ArrupeCollege, and one member of staff to act as an advisor to the board.

vol_17_no_1Since the debut publication of the Journal in 1998, time has seen the Journal grow from a mere campus magazine into a reputable academic journal. Today, the Journal has widespread readership and attracts contributors from every different part of the globe.

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