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The enormous diversity of nationalities, cultures, languages and religious traditions form an awesome mosaic. This is so evident in our arts, cultures and varities of sports.

Cultural Night


Fiesta 273

Our Culture is our heritage

The young and the old are all invited to live positively. We express ourselves in dance and music.

2017/11/18 18:00:00

Upcoming Events - Cultural Night

Since its inception, Arrupe has always had a cultural night, and food fiesta. In 2004, the first All Arrupe Variety Night was held at the Multipurpose Hall. It comprised of martial arts, poetry, speeches, cultural dances and international foods from all across the globe especially from Africa.

Martial Arts

100% Pure African dances and foods

Dances from the East, West, North and South


We Celebrate Our Diversity and Ancestry

Throughout the year, there are arts and cultural events at AC. Join our subscription to get the news.

Arrupe Mini Marathon

The first of its kind in Zimbabwe

The Mini Marathon is organized by the Student Association annually in the early weeks of October.

Arrupe Dean and Rector Cups

All Arrupe Games

The Dean’s and Rector’s Cups are highly competitive tournaments that range from chess, volley ball, table tennis and mini soccer and field soccer. The overall winning team is rewarded with a cup and some cash prizes.


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Arts & Culture

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