BA Honors Degree Philosophy & Humanities

/BA Honors Degree Philosophy & Humanities

BA Honors Degree (University of Zimbabwe)

This programme focuses first on developing language skills and appreciation of our shared African experience, then on developing and deepening realistic and critical reflection on this experience, and later on forming a personal synthesis. In this way the aim is to enable a student to acquire a capacity for self-education and, thus, become a responsible educator throughout life. The programme aims to form a person who lives by authentic values, is prepared for genuine dialogue and is available for the service of others. Such a person will be able to judge a situation reasonably, decide and act responsibly for the good of all and educate others to do the same.

The College will propose as candidates for a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Zimbabwe all who meet the requirements for admission to a degree programme at the University and who complete the College programme in accord with University standards. For admission all must have passed English language at least at the Ordinary level. Normal entry to the University of Zimbabwe requires either five passes, at least two at the Advanced level, or four passes, at least three at the Advanced level. Mature entry for students 30 years and older requires five passes at the Ordinary level and experience in virtue of which the University considers them ready for a degree programme.