AJU Annual Symposium

 THREE DAY ARRUPE SYMPOSIUM The greatest academic event of the year is the Arrupe Symposium. This takes place annually every February of each academic year. In the first semester of each year, students choose their own themes and topics for presentation.

Exam Timetable and Oral Comprehensives May 2019

ARRUPE JESUIT UNIVERSITY MAY 2019 EXAMINATIONS-FINAL DRAFT Date LECTURE ROOM 5 LECTURE ROOM 6 LECTURE ROOM 7 MONDAY 6th May APH 106: African Thought in African Literature (20) APH 302: European Philosophy (20)     Invigilator: (40)                    APH 208 : Christian Philosophy (31)   Invigilator:                        (31)     MPA 502: Ethics (10) APH 408: Overview of Catholic

Job Vacancy – Administrator Human Resources

Arrupe Jesuit University invites applications from qualified candidates to fill the position of a Deputy Registrar Administration, Human Resources and Marketing.  Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU), is a newly inaugurated Roman Catholic Church institution, owned and run by the Society of Jesus

Job Social Science Researcher

On July 12 1975 Rhodesian security forces pretending to be guerrillas surrounded a village called Karima near Mount Darwin in what is now Mashonaland Central. In the ensuing massacre 23 men, women and children were killed. The Catholic Justice and

Oral Comprehensive Timetable May 2018

PGD ORAL COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION   Monday 30 April Wednesday 2 May 08.15-09.00 AKALEFU, Alex   Buckland Ingiyimbere 08.15-09.00 KIPKORIR, Silas   Buckland Ekwueme 09.15-10.00 ETIM, Emmanuel   Buckland Ingiyimbere 09.15-10.00 MATHENGE, Joseph   Buckland Ngirinshuti 11.00-11.45 BARAMO, Tadele   Buckland Ingiyimbere 11.00-11.45 MANIRAMBONA, Thierry   Buckland Kachipapa 12.00-12.45 BIKORIMANA, Felix   Buckland Ingiyimbere 12.00-12.45 MASHANDUDZE, Simbarashe   Buckland Kachipapa 2.00-2.45 TASSI, Yves   Buckland Ingiyimbere 2.00-2.45 MASAWI, Onias   Buckland Kaulem Monday 14 May to Friday 18 May 2018   Monday 14 May Tuesday 15 May Wednesday 16 May Thursday 17 May Friday 18 May 08.00-09.00 ZIMONDI Shelton   Mardai Ekwueme Ngirinshuti NSHIMIYIMANA