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Centre for African Studies

The Arrupe Centre for African Studies is one of the expressions of the College’s broader programme of Integrated Development Studies. Arrupe College is a school of both philosophy and humanities with a good number of African studies courses such as: African History, African Philosophy, African Literature and Religions of Africa.  A Center for African Studies thrives to strengthen these courses both at under-graduate and post-graduate levels.  It also aims to make African Studies a meeting point for philosophical reflection and humanities in an African context, with the aim of providing solutions to Africa’s pressing social, political and economic challenges from an academic perspective.

Aims and Objectives

1. To promote research and scholarship in African Studies aimed at policy reform.

2. To help design courses for African Studies at graduate and post-graduate levels.

3. To organize open lectures and seminars on African Studies.

4. To identify and train faculty who can teach African Studies courses.

5. To encourage publications on African Studies especially in the Chiedza Journal.

6. Identify and acquire publications on African Studies.

7. Promote collaboration among Africanist scholars and institutions.

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