Executive Certificates

/Executive Certificates


The executive certificate courses are offered every semester for both weekends and block releases during the regular school holidays (April, August, December). These are offered in different schools of the University all under the Department of Short Courses.

February – June 2020 and August – December 2020

School of Engineering and ICT

Digital Innovation
Cyber Security and Forensics
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Object Oriented Programming and Mobile Applications
Python Programming
Java Programming
Android Programming

School of Philosophy and humanities

Development Studies and Ethics
Environmental Studies and Ethics
Leadership and Ethics
Human Migration and International Relations (August 2020)

School of Education and Leadership

ICT Education
Instructional Technology Education
Education Innovation

School of Health Science and Technology

Palliative Care
Guidance and Counseling
Disaster Management and Trauma Counseling
Child Protection

School of Management and Development

Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing and Innovation
Peace Studies and Conflict Management
Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
Financial Accounting for Managers
Media and Development