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Our History

Nature of the library:

The purpose of the library is to serve the needs of the staff and students of Arrupe College. The areas of study are principally

Library Front
Library Front

philosophy and Humanities in African context with a lesser interest in Theology.

Historical Background

Various Jesuit superiors in African concerned with the first stage of academic training for English speakers began planning process in the late eighties, culminating with some of the prospect staff in planning session of program, site and facilities by the early nineties. The College itself opened in august 1994. Books were collected mostly from the U.S and shipped in two containers in 1993-1994. The major sources were:

  • The Juniorate library of the Detroit Province in Colombiere College comprising mostly of literature.
  • St Louis University Philadelphia. The Dean of Philosophy collected large numbers of philosophical works and still continues to contribute to the library.
  • Loyola University, New Orleans and Spring Hill College, Mobile, as well as the scholastic library connected to the University of Detroit.

Holding of books


The largest holdings are: Theology and Spirituality. Literature and Philosophy in that order; followed by History and Social Sciences. As the main focus of the College is Philosophy, some major thinkers are re-located to Philosophy eg. Thomas Aquinas.


The library is fully computerized both in its holdings and circulation. The stock consists of 80,000 volumes with about 30 current reviews. The classification system is the full Library of Congress, although many records do not list the subject headings. The library is fully computerized both in its holdings and circulation. The stock consists of 80,000 volumes with about 30 current reviews. The classification system is the full Library of Congress, although many records do not list the subject headings.


We also have access to J-stor and Aluka which contains over 1700 journals

Library users:


The library is basically for the staff and students of Arrupe College who have reading and borrowing rights. A limited number of others, including University of Zimbabwe staff and students connected with the Department of Religious Studies and Classic and Philosophy can apply for reading rights, having completed appropriate form, presented a letter of authorization from their own institution and paid the subscription. Postgraduate researchers are welcome on completing usual procedures.


Online Public Access

We provide public access to catalogues

Photocopying, Printing and PDF Scans

Documents can be scanned or photocopied

Reading Rooms

Library users can use private reading spaces

Internet Cafe

Our users can access the internet and online Resources

E Library

E-books and Online Journals

In our main campus, we provide access to ebooks and on our website, we provide access to JSTOR online catalogue both on campus and off campus. As a student and staff of Arrupe College, you have access to these recourses. Ask your librarian for details.



Our library runs on the world renowned Koha Library Program. Our users have access to our catalogues from within the Campus and within Harare Metropolitan.

New Books on Display
New Books on Display

New Books

Author Title Year Class no.
Bagehot, Walter Lombard Street: a description of the money market 1999 HG3000.L82B3 1999
Deeken, Alfons Process and permanence in ethics: Max Scheler’s moral philosophy 1974 B3329.S484D36 1974
Hegel, Georg.W.F.                       Dyde, S.W. (tr.) Philosophy of right 1996 K230.H43G7813 1996
Mizzoni, John (ed.)             Pegan, Philip (ed.)           Karabin, Geoffrey (ed.) G.E.M Anscombe and the Catholic intellectual tradition 2016 B1618.A574M686
Strawson, P. F. Freedom and resentment and other essays 1974 B29.S8217 1974b
Whitmarsh, Tim Battling the gods: atheism in the ancient world 2016 BL2747.3.W45 2016
Author Title Year Class no.
Achtemeier, Elizabeth Preaching hard texts of the old testament 1998 BS1191.5.A245 1998
Cook, Michael L. Christology as narrative quest 1997 BT202.C673 1997
Hamm, M. Dennis Philippians, Colossians, Philemon 2013 BS2705.53.H34 2013
Kövecses, Zoltán Metaphor and emotion: language, culture and body in human feeling 2000 BF582.K68 2000
Lorein, Geert Woater The antichrist theme in the intertestamental period 2003 BT985.L88 2003
Munitiz, Joseph A. (ed.) Ignatian spirituality: a selection of continental studies in translation 2016 BX3703.I24 2016
Rimmon-Kenan, Shlomith Narrative fiction: contemporary poetics 2002 PN212.R55 2002
Stasiak, Kurt Return to grace: a theology of infant baptism 1996 BV813.2.S73 1996
Vermes, Geza The authentic gospel of Jesus 2003 BT306.V47 2003
Author Title Year Class no.
Burrett, Robert             FitzPatrick, Moira               Duprée Julia The Matobo hills: Zimbabwe’s sacred landscape 2016 DT3020.M39B87
Evangelista, João Pepetela: o desejo de Kianda 2010 PR9408.A53P4D4
Mason, Cheryl White mischief: the true story of the woman who married a Kenyan tribesman 1945 DT433.582.M38A3
Nhemachena, Artwell (ed.) Mawere, Munyaradzi (ed.) Africa at the crossroads: theorising fundamentalisms in the 21st century 2017 DT30.5.A258
Wermter, Oscar (ed.) Evangelisation communication formation 2015 BX2350.57.E92
White, Eduardo O poeta diarista e os ascetas desiluminados 2012 PR9408.M87W45P6
Author Title Year Class no.
Ahlquist, Dale G.K. Chesterton: the apostle of common sense 2003 PR4453.C4Z524 2003
Barker, John W. Teach yourself Portuguese 1954 PC5067.B34 1954
Case, Doug                           Wilson, Ken Off-stage! sketches from the English teaching theatre 1979 PN2037.C337
Clouzet, Jean Boris Vian: étude, choix de textes et bibliographie 1966 PQ2643.I152Z62
Crankshaw, Edward Russia by daylight 1951 DK267.C74
Farrell, Michael Thy tears might cease 1968 PZ4.F2455T45
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn Elisabeth Jay (ed.) The life of Charlotte Brontë 1997 PR4168.G3 1997
González, Justo L. Out of every tribe and nation: Christian theology at the ethnic roundtable 1992 BT78.G637 1992
Gracq, Julien Au château d’Argol 1945 PQ2613.R124A7
Grenville, John Ashley Soamen A world history of the twentieth century Western dominance, 1900-45 1980 D421.G65 1980
Harris, Robin S. English studies at Toronto: a history 1987 PR53.T67H37 1987
Irwin, Margaret Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain 1953 PZ3.I737E8
Kvanvig, Jonathan L. The problem of hell 1993 BT836.2.K83 1993
L’Engle, Madeleine A wrinkle in time 1962 PZ7.L5385W7
Link, Hans-Georg   (ed.) One God, one Lord, one Spirit: on the explication of the apostolic faith today 1988 BT999.L756
Lurie, Alison Foreign affairs 1994 PS3562.U7F6
McVeagh, John Elizabeth Gaskell 1970 PR4711.M3 1970
Morris, J.A. Writers and politics in modern Britain 1977 PN51.W74
Sarraute, Nathalie                 Bell, Sheila M. (ed.) Tropismes 1972 PQ2637.A783T7
Schlink, Bernhard           Janeway, Carol Brown (tr.) The reader 1997 PT2680.L54R4
Swinburne, Algernon Charles Tristram of Lyonesse and other poems 1989 PR5506.T6 1899


Author Title Year Class no.
Fichte, Johann Gottlieb Johann Gottlieb Fichte’s popular works 2011 B2808
Grene, Marjorie Dreadful freedom: a critique of existentialism 1948 BD355.G7
MacIntyre Alasdair God, philosophy, universities: a selective history of the Catholic philosophical tradition 2009 BX1795.P47M325 2009
Mboyo, Jean Pierre Elonga Africa through structuration theory: outline of the FS (fear and self-scrutiny) methodology of Ubuntu 2016 DT30.5.M479
Oppy, Graham (ed.)                         Trakakis, N. N. (ed.) Early modern philosophy of religion 2009 BL51.H575 2009 V. 3
Scruton, Roger On human nature 2017 BD450. S475
Author Title Year Class no.
Doorly, William J. The religion of Israel: a short history 1997 BS1197.D65 1997
Grazebrook, Sarah A cameo role 1996 PZ3.G796C3
Harris, Joanne Five quarters of the orange 2001 PR6058.A68828F5
Holmstedt, Robert D. Ruth: a handbook on the Hebrew text 2009 BS1315.52.H65 2009
Neusner, Jacob Jewish law from Moses to the Mishnah: from bible to torah 1999 BM520.5.N48 1999
O’Brien, William J. (ed.) Jesuit education and the cultivation of virtue 1990 LC493.J38 1990
Schatz, Klaus Geschichte der Deutschen Jesuiten 2012 BX3734.S33 2013 V. 4
Shepherd, Frederick M. (ed.) Christianity and human rights: Christians and the struggle for global justice 2009 BT738.15.C4753 2009
Stumme, Wayne C. (ed.) The gospel of justification in Christ: where does the Church stand today? 2006 BT764.3.G67 2006
Author Title Year Class no.
Chisembele, Sophena Zambia: the freedom struggle and the aftermath 2016 DT3108.C542 2016
Couto, Mia O último voo do Flamingo 2014 PR9408.M87C6U6
Fisher, J. L. Pioneers, settlers, aliens, exiles: the decolonisation of white identity in Zimbabwe 2010 DT2996.F534 2010
International Organization for Migration (IOM) IOM Zimbabwe strategic plan 2015-2018 2015 HB2124.5.I64
Patraquin, Luis Carlos Ímpia scripta 2011 PR9408.M87P3I6
Pobee, John S. Africa moving towards the eighth assembly, Harare 1998 BR1360.A258
Author Title Year Class no.
Apple, Michael W. (ed)               Ball, Stephen J. (ed.)             Gandin, Luis Armando (ed.) The Routledge international handbook of the sociology of education 2010 LC191.R684 2010
Babinsky, Ellen L. (tr.) Porete, Marguerite: the mirror of simple souls 1993 BV5091.C7P6713 1993
Basile, Leonard J.                       Cernak, Anne S. The teacher’s idea catalog: how to create learning materials for young children 1982 LB1043.B34 1982
Bernstein, Eleanor (ed.) Disciples at the crossroads: perspectives on worship and church leadership 1993 BX1970.A1D57 1993
Bond, Gwenda The answered call: William Carey and the dawn of modern missions 1992 BV2520.C711
Bowden, John Edward Schillebeeckx: in search of the kingdom of God 1983 BX1750.S344B68
Céline, Louis-Ferdinand Casse-pipe: suivi du carnet du cuirassier destouches 1952 PQ2607.E834 C.3
Cessario, Romanus O.P. Perpetual angelus: as the saints pray the rosary 1995 BX2310.R7C4 1995
Dickie, Margaret Lyric contingencies: Emily Dickinson and Wallace Stevens 1991 PS303.D53 1991
Howsare, Rodney A. Hans Rus von Balthasar and protestantism: the ecumenical implications of his theological style 2005 BX1751.B34H866
Howse, Christopher (ed.) AD: 2000 years of Christianity 1999 L BR145.2.A3 1999
King, Ursula Christian mystics: their lives and legacies throughout the ages 2001 BV5095.A1K45 2001
Leslie, R. F. The age of transformation 1789-1871 1964 D299.L4 1964 C.2
Ma Jian                                               Drew, Flora (tr.) Red dust: a path through China 2001 DS712.M325 2001
Munari, Bruno Design as art 1971 NK1505.M8513
Mundy, John H. Riesenberg, Peter The medieval town 1958 HT115.M8
Newbigin, Leslie Unfinished agenda: an autobiography 1985 BX9890.U258N4
Noddings, Nel Educating moral people: a caring alternative to character education 2002 LC268.N56 2002
O’Collins, Gerald Following the way: Jesus our spiritual director 1999 BT375.2.O17
Thompson, Laura The secret of culture: nine community studies 1969 GN325.T45
Westerhoff, Caroline A. Calling: a song for the baptized 1994 BV811.2.W4 1994
White, Stephen Ross Don Cuppit and the future of Christian doctrine 1994 BX5199.C87W45 1994
Wolf, Kenneth Baxter Making history: the Normans and their historians in eleventh-century Italy 1995 DG847.14.W65 1995
Wood, Anthony Nineteenth century Britain 1815-1914 1960 DA530.W58
Xinran                                         Tyldesley, Esther (tr.) The good women of China: hidden voices 2003 HQ1767.X5613 2003
Author Title Year Class no.
Chambliss, J.J. (ed.) Philosophy of education: an encyclopedia 1996 LB17.P485 1996
Ggita, Allan A liberal and integral human development: in light of Jacques Maritain’s philosophy of education 2012 SPC DT1.T45G399
Moran, Dermot The philosophy of John Scottus Eriugena: a study of idealism in the middle ages 1989 B765.J34M67 1989
Oderberg, David S. (ed.) Classifying reality 2013 BD331.C53 2013
Saint Thomas Aquinas On evil 2003 B765.T531Q3
Williams, James Lyotard: towards a postmodern philosophy 1998 HQ1206.B992
Author Title Year Class no.
Close, Frank Particle physics: a very short introduction 2004 QC778.C56 2004
Gayles-Wade, Gloria Anointed to fly 1991 PS3557.A81A5
Irwin, Douglas A. Free trade under fire 2002 HF1756.I68 2002
Lowery, Kevin Twain The maturity of belief: critically assessing religious faith 2007 BL626.3.L69 2007
Lowney, Chris Everyone leads: how to revitalize the Catholic Church 2017 BX1746.L73 2017
Phillips, Anthony God B.C. 1977 BS1192.6.P47
Stiebert, Johanna The exile and the prophet’s wife: historic events and marginal perspectives 2005 BS1545.52.S75 2005
Vermes, Geza The changing faces of Jesus 2000 BT202.V44 2000
Wink, Walter Unmasking the powers: the invisible forces that determine human existence 1984 BS2545.P66W56
Author Title Year Class no.
Amnesty International A guide to the African charter on human and peoples’ rights 1991 KQC572.G85
Chiziane, Paulina                       Da Silva, Mario do Carmo Na mão de Deus 2012 PR9408.M87C45 M3
Couto, Mia E se Obama fosse africano? interinvenções 2009 PR9408.M87C6 S4
Farson, Negley Last chance in Africa 1950 DT434.E2F35 1950
Godwin, Peter When a crocodile eats the sun: a memoir 2006 DT2999.G65A3 2006
Joshua, Ayotunde O. Yoruba proverbs handbook: a companion reference on Yoruba proverbs and their concise English translation 2017 PN6519.Y6J83
Author Title Year Class no.
Astell, Ann W. Joan of arc and sacrificial authorship 2003 DC103.A84 2003
Beardsley, Leah Mildred 1,001 uses of the hundred square: activities and ideas for teaching mathematics 1973 QA19.C45B4
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Author Title Year Class no.
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Author Title Year Class no.
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New arrivals in the Arrupe Library as of  9 May 2016
Author Title Year Class no.
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New Arrivals in the Arrupe Library as of 25 April 2016
Author Title Year Class no.
Fairbridge, Kingsley Oglivie The Autobiography of Kingsley Fairbridge 1927 SPC DT958.F3 1927
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Author Title Year Class No.
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Sloyan, Gerard S. Jesus on trial : a study of the Gospels 2006 BT440.S56 2006
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Rodrik, Dani Economics rules : why economics works, when it fails, and how to tell the difference 2015 HB135.R625 2015
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Author Title Year Class No.
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New books in the Arrupe Library as of 29 March 2016
Author Title Year Class no.
Adam and co. The life and explorations of David Livingstone, L. L. D. SPC DT731.L8
A bank in battledress 1948 HG3000.L84.B292
Pelling, J. N. Ndebele proverbs and other sayings 1971 PN6519.N35P391
John Pinfold The slave trade debate : contemporary writings for and against 2007 HT1161.S631
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Africa Journal Africa who’s who 1981 REF DT18.A258
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Barth, Fredrik Ethnic groups and boundaries : the social organization of culture difference 1998 GN320.E77
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Stevenson-Hamilton, James The Low-Veld : its wild life and its people 1929 : SPC QH195.T6S7
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Bayne, Tim Thought : a very short introduction 2013 BF441.B35 2013
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Author Title Year Class No.
Vischer, Lucas (ed.) Witnessing in the Midst of a Suffering Creation a challenge for the mission of the Church 2007 BV2061.W832 2007
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Chigwedere, A. S. The roots of the Bantu 1998 DT16.B2.C46 1998
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Renato Matusse. Past, roles and development of theatre arts in SADC 1999 PN3000.S6P37 1999
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Campbell, Horace (ed.) The IMF and Tanzania : the dynamics of liberalisation 1991 HC885.I44 1991
Henry A. Giroux Popular culture, schooling, and everyday life 1989 LC89.P66 1989
Jensen, Arthur Robert Educability and group differences LB1134.J39
Author Title Year Class No.
Barry, Sebastian A Long long way 2006 PZ4.B221 L6
Marty, Myron A. Lutherans and Roman Catholicism; the changing conflict, 1917-1963 1968 BX4817.M35
O’Rourke, P, J. Eat the rich 1998 PN6231.E295O76 1998
Busch, Harald Baukunst der Gotik in Europa 1966 NA440.B853
Purcell, William Ten social reformers Know your Christian 1987 HN13.P985
Morris, Clare Quantitative approaches in business studies 1983 H30.25.M895
Adelman, Paul Great Britain and the Irish question 1998-1922 2005 DA950.1.A229
Cornwell, John Strange Gods 1993 PZ4.C820.S7 1993
Prance, Ghillean The Earth Under Threat A Christian Perspective 1996 BT695.5P899 1996
Author Title Year Class no.
Udelhoven, Bernhard Unseen worlds : dealing with spirits, witchcraft, and Satanism 2015 BT963.U34 2015
Rosner, Gotthard Dreams : where do biblical, Zambian, and Western approaches meet? 2013 BL65.D67.R67 2013
Zimbabwe Catholic Bishop’s Conference Child protection: guideline for the ZCBC child protection policy document 2015 HV6570.Z72
Worija, Sesuto Book Depos English—Sotho,  Sotho–English pocket dictionary 1960 REF PL8689.4.M856 1960
Pryor, Frederic L. The political economy of poverty, equity, and growth : Malawi and Madagascar 1990 HC935.P794 1990
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Mullarkey, John. (ed.) The new Bergson 1999 B2430.B43N532
Golan, Zev God, Man and Nietzsche: a starling dialogue between Judaism and modern philosophers 2007 B3317.G617 2007
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Ruthven, Malise Islam : a very short introduction 1997 BP161.2.R86 1997
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Martin, Michael The legal philosophy of H.L.A. Hart : a critical appraisal 1987 K230.H3652.M37 1987
Dillon, M. C. Merleau-Ponty’s ontology 1997 B2430.M3764.D55 1997
Merleau-Ponty, Maurice Nature : course notes from the Collège de France 2003 BD581.M4413 2003
Michelfelder Diane P. (ed.) Dialogue and deconstruction : the Gadamer-Derrida encounter 1989 B3248.G34.D53 1989
Author Title Year Class No.
Allen, Ronald J. Theology for preaching : authority, truth, and knowledge of God in a postmodern ethos 1997 BV4211.2.A394 1997
Cogan, Patrick Sacerdotes Iuris 2005 KBR160.S33 2005
Stegman, Thomas Second Corinthians 2009 BS2675.53.S75 2009
Eamon, William. Science and the secrets of nature : books of secrets in medieval and early modern culture 1994 Q125.E34 1994
Powell, Mark Allan Fortress Introduction to The Gospels 1998 BS2555.2.P67 1998
Mangina, Joseph L. Revelation 2010 BS2825.3.M277 2010
Chungath, Paul Religious beliefs and practices of bhils a study in new of missionary evangelization 2009 BL2020.B45.C559
McGrath, Alister E. Christianity’s dangerous idea : the Protestant revolution– a history from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first 2007 BX4805.3.M34 2007
Zweig, Connie The holy longing : the hidden power of spiritual yearning 2003 BL53.Z84 2003
FitzPatrick, Sir Percy Jock of the Bushveld 1913 SPC SK255.T8F61913
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Reitz, Deneys Commando A Boer journal of the Boer war – 1929 SPC DT932.R4 1929
Markham, Albert Hastings Life of Sir John Franklin and the North-west Passage 1891 SPC G660.M3 1891
Lin, Yutang The importance of living 1938 SPC BD431.L42 1938
Maugham, Reginald Charles Fulke Zambezia : a general description of the valley of the Zambezi River, from its delta to the River Aroangwa, with its history, agriculture, flora, fauna, and ethnography 1910 SPC SK255.Z3M3
Spence, Lewis Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt 1913 SPC BL2441.S7 1913
Seabrook, William The white monk of Timbuctoo 1934 SPC DT553.T6.S4
Depelchin, Henry Diaries of the Jesuit missionaries at Bulawayo, 1879-1881 1959 SPC BX3747.Z3.D539
Green, Lawrence George. In the land of afternoon 1950 SPC DT1734.G796
Martindale, C.C African angelus episodes and Impressions 1932 SPC  DT757.M33 1932
Gouldsbury, Cullen Rhodesian Rhymes SPC PR6013.O93A17
Young, Francis Brett The City of Gold 1939 : SPC PZ3.Y8575CI 1939
Rankine, William John Macquorn Useful rules and tables relating to mensuration, engineering, structures, and machines 1883 SPC TA151.R24
Booth, J. B. “Master” and men: Pink ‘un yesterdays 1927 SPC DA688.B7
Farwell, Byron Burton: biography of Sir Richard Francis Burton 1963 SPC G246.B8F3
Burton, Jean Sir Richard Burton’s wife 1942 G246.B75.B8 1942
Author Title Year Class No.
Woolf, Virginia The letters of Virginia Woolf 1975 PR6045.O72.Z525
Bergonzi, Bernard. T. S. Eliot 1978 PS3509.L43.Z643 1978
Sencourt, Robert T. S. Eliot, a memoir 1971 PS3509.L43.Z8638 1971
Tully, Mark Mother 1992 BX4700.T4.T923
Murphy, William B God and His creation 1958 BT101.M945
Schllebeeckx, E. God and Man 1969 BT60.S313 1969
O’Brien Darcy The Hidden Pope The untold story of a lifelong friendship that is changing the relationship between Catholics and Jews 1998 BX1378.5.O24 1998
Johnson, Gerald White Andrew Jackson, an epic in homespun 1956 E382.J64 1956
Dillon-Malone, Clive Articles BY Clive Dillon-Malone 1983 BL2463.M37.D55
New Arrivals in the Arrupe Library as of 22 February 2016
Author Title Year Shelf no.
Doke, Clement Marilyn English-Zulu dictionary 1958 REF. PL8843.D658 1982
Rush, Dana, Vodun in coastal Bénin : unfinished, open-ended, global 2013 BL2470.D3.R87 2013
Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum A People’s guide to transitional justice: An introduction 2009 JC571.P419 2009
Manjengwa, Jeanette( et al…) Children and climate change in Zimbabwe 2014 HC910.P6375 C536 2014
Johnson, Mark The meaning of the body : aesthetics of human understanding 2007 B105.M4.J65 2007
Collier, Paul The bottom billion why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it 2007 HC79.P6C634 2007
Sellars, Wilfrid Philosophical Perspectives 1967 B29.S48
Gary B. Madison(ed.) Working through Derrida 1993 B2430.D484.W67 1993
Skidelsky, Robert Keynes : a very short introduction 2010 HB103.K47.S5728 2010
Gayle L. Ormiston(ed.) Transforming the hermeneutic context : from Nietzsche to Nancy 1990 BD241.T7 1990
Vincelette, Alan Roy Recent Catholic philosophy : the nineteenth century 2009 B803.V56 2009
Seung, T. K. Semiotics and thematics in hermeneutics 1982 P99.S443
Sayre, Kenneth M. Recognition: a study in the philosophy of artificial intelligence 1965 Q335.S38
Bontekoe, Ronald Dimensions of the hermeneutic circle 1996 BD241.B652 1995
William M. Thompson(ed.) Voegelin’s Israel and Revelation : an interdisciplinary debate and anthology 2000 BM173.V64 2000
New Publications
Author Title Year Class No.
La Due, William J. The chair of Saint Peter : a history of the papacy 1999 BX955.2.L35 1999
White, John The curriculum and the child : the selected works of John White 2005 LB1570.W5723 2005
Bierlein, J. F. Living myths : how myth gives meaning to human experience 1999 BL311.B535 1999
Gunton, Colin E. The theologian as preacher : further sermons from Colin E. Gunton 2007 BX9890.U256.G855 2007
Behe, Michael J. The Edge of Evolution the search for the limits of Darwinism 2008 QH367.3.B44 2008
Mpora, Pastor Integral human fulfilment as the natural foundation of the family in the light of John Finnis thought 2001 HQ734.M939
Roberts, Don Lee A journey through thought-space: an essay on quantum idealism 2006 BF1031.R643
Tataryn, Myroslaw How to Pray with Icons an introduction Myroslaw Tataryn 2007 BX380.T216
Pennington, M. Basil. Monastic journey to India 1982 BX4705.P423.A35 1982
Chilvers, Hedley Arthur The yellow man looks on; being the story of the Anglo-Dutch conflict in Southern Africa and its interest for the peoples of Asia [1933] SPC DT766.C45
Millais, John Guille Life of Frederick Courtenay Selous, D.S.O., capt. 25th Royal fusiliers 1919 SK17.S4.M5
Kittenberger, Kálmán. Big game hunting and collecting in East Africa 1929 SK255.E27.K57 1929
Topham, Alfred Frank Topham’s principles of company law, South African edition 1932 SPC KTL1052.T67 1932
Don, Charles Davidson, And having writ : memories and impressions 1942 SPC DT1927.D71.A3
Colquhoun, Archibald The real Rhodesia 1924 SPC DT962.C6
Flemming, Leonard A fool on the veld by Flemming 1921 SPC S471.S65.F4
Bent, James Theodore The ruined cities of Mashonaland 1892 SPC DT962.9.Z5B461969
Stanley, Henry M. The Congo and the founding of its free state a story of work and exploration 1885 SPC DT351.S71
Priest, Ceceil D The birds of Southern Rhodesia 1933 SPC QL692.P933 1933
Priest, Ceceil D The birds of Southern Rhodesia 1933 SPC QL692.P933 1933
Letcher, Owen The bonds of Africa : impressions of travel and sport from Cape Town to Cairo, 1902-1912 1913 SPC DT365.L4
Letcher, Owen Big game hunting in North-Eastern Rhodesia 1911 SPC SK255.R5L48 1911
Harris, David Pioneer, soldier and politician, summarised memoirs of Colonel [1931] SPC DT779.8.H3.A4
Kirby, F. Vaughan Sport in east central Africa : being an account of hunting trips in Portuguese and other districts of east central Africa 1899 SPC SK251.K6 1899
Pelling, James N. A practical Ndebele dictionary 1971 REF. PL8547.N284P385 1971
West, Algernon Recollections, 1832 to 1886 1899 SPC DA565.W5.A3 1899
Woronin, U. G. de. Zambezi trails : true stories from the Bush [1976] SPC SK255.Z3.W67
Newman, Charles L Norris Matabeleland and How We Got It : With Notes on the Occupation of Mashonaland, and an Account of the 1893 Campaign by the British South Africa Company, the Adjoining British Territories and Protectorates 1895 SPC DT2913.N44N551
Nielsen, Peter The Matabele at home SPC DT2913.N44N669
Wilson, George Hough Gone down the years: Reminiscences [1947] SPC DT779.8.W5.A3
MacDonald, J.F Lion with tusk guardant 1945 SPC DT776.9.R6M14 1945
Author Title Year Class No.
Woolf, Virginia The diary of Virginia Woolf 1977 PR6045.O72.Z494
Coogan David Michael Stories from ancient Canaan 1978 PJ4150.Z95.E5 1978
E.J. Furcha Spirit within structure : essays in honor of George Johnston on the occasion of his seventieth birthday 1983 BR50.S675 1983
Peter C. Hodgson(ed.) Readings in Christian theology 1985 BT10.R4 1985
Ignatius of Loyola Testament and testimony: the memoirs of Ignatius of Loyola 1994 BX3756.I31A3.D618
Gregory, Ross. The origins of American intervention in the First World War [1971] D619.G73 1971
Langone, John The mystery of time : humanity’s quest for order and measure 2000 L BD638.L26 2000
Turner, Stephen P. Sociological explanation as translation 1980 HM26.T87

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