Office of the Dean

/Office of the Dean


  • The office of the dean handles all departmental, academic and faculty matters,  and all student affairs.
  • It maintains all associate, affiliate and special relationships of the college with other academic institutions (University of Zimbabwe, Gregorian Pontifical University).
  • It is to promote the Jesuit & Catholic Traditions of the college in dialogue with Africa histories and contexts.
  • It is  to promote academic honesty, research and realistic creativity among students and faculty
  • It oversees the college library, bookstore and archive. It also supervises the office of the registrar of the college.
  • The Information and Communication infrastructures- Computer systems and networks, Language Lab, Audio Visual Room, Media Centre, Lecture and Seminar room multimedia facilities are also his/her responsibilities.
  • The research institutes and centres in the college are also his/her responsibilities.
  • The academic affairs and social wellbeing of the student body also fall under the office of the dean.
  • The office of the dean equally means dean of studies (academic) and dean of students.

Dr. Evaristus O. Ekwueme, SJ. Dean

Mr. Francis Koshoffa, SJ. Asst. Dean Academics

Mr. Mayamicho Kachipapa, SJ. Asst. Dean Student Life

Mrs. L. Mawoyo. Administrative Assistant.

Office Location: Administration Building: 


MONDAY: 10:30- 12:00 & 13:30- 14:00

TUESDAYS: 10:30-12:30

WEDNESDAY: 11:30-12:40

THURSDAY: 11:00-12:40

To Book Appointment See Reception (+263) 04 745411 or email