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In the Spirit of Ignatian Pedagogy and the Spiritual Exercises.

Aware of our history and our strengths as a people, we reach out to all men and women of good will for the salvation of all.

In the Spirit of Laudeto Si, we commit ourselves to saving both the environment and the people in it.

Ever seeking news ideas, ways and methods of gaining understanding in order to solve the problems of our time.



Students’ Association


Month             Activities

2016 August


Sat. 06th           Opening Assembly & A match with New Students in the Afternoon

Tue. 16th          Students Association Meeting (1:30PM)

Tue. 23rd         Academic Council

Thu. 25th          Open Lecture (1:30PM)

Wed. 31st         Staff Seminar (3PM)




Tue. 13thth Open Lecture (1:30PM)

Sat. 17th Dean’s Cup Soccer

Tue. 20th & Thu. 22nd    Dean’s Cup Volleyball and Basketball




Wed. 05th             Staff Seminar (3PM)

Wed. 12th         Academic Assembly

Sat. 15th           Marathon

Tue. 18th          Open Lecture (1:30PM)





Thu. 17th          Open Lecture (1:30PM)

Sat. 19th*          Interreligious Competitions

Wed. 23rd         Staff Seminar (3PM)

Sat. 19th           Cultural Night


December No Scheduled Activity

2017 January


Mon. 09th         2nd Semester Begins

Tue. 24th         Academic Council

Thu. 26th          Open Lecture (1:30PM)




Sat. 04th                                   Arrupe Day

Thu. 02nd                                 Rector’s Cup Volleyball and Basketball

Tue. 07th                                  Rector’s Cup Volleyball and Basketball

Thu. 09th Open Lecture (1:30PM)

Tue. 14th and Thu. 16th Rector’s Cup Soccer

Sat. 25th Drama Night







Wed. 08th         Staff Seminar (3PM)

Sat. 11th           Sports’ Fun Day

Wed. 15th         Academic Assembly

Thu. 23rd          Open Lecture (1:30PM)

Wed. 29th         Sports, Recreation and Entertainment Award





New Executives’ Campaigns and Elections. Dates to be Fixed.

Wed. 05th         Staff Seminar (3PM)

Tue. 11th          Students Association Meeting (1.30PM)

Mon. 17th         Easter Concert (Afternoon)

Wed. 26th         Arrupe Quiz




Thu. 18th          Finalists’ Dinner

Sat. 20th           Graduation


*All Ball games commence at 2PM

*Marathon activities at 9AM

*Cultural Night 5PM

*Drama Night (time to be fixed)

*Sports Fun Day: 10AM

*Arrupe Day: 10AM

2015/16 Calendar of Events

Date Event
10th October, 2015 Arrupe mini- marathon
17th October, 2015 Inter-religious tournament
20th October – 3rd November, 2015 Dean’s cup
21st November, 2015 Cultural night
6th February, 2016 Arrupe day
23rd February – 3rd march Rector’s cup
27th February, 2016 Drama night
28th March, 2016 Easter concert

Our History

The Students Association offers students at the College the opportunity for representation at various levels of College life. Constituted of the Students Association Council and the various Clubs and Societies, the Students Association gives Arrupe Students the opportunity to exercise their talents and abilities outside the academic setup of the classroom.

Students Association Council

The Students Association Council is the highest authority of the Association outside the General Meeting which seats at least twice a year, once in each semester and when the necessity arises. Elections to the Students Association are by secret ballot in the second semester of each academic year. All ordinary members of the Association have the rights and privileges to elect and to be elected as members of the Students Association Council.

Office-bearers of the Council

Kiprono Ngetich, SJ of the East Africa Province of the Society of Jesus is the current President of the Students Association. He succeeded Mr. Aaron Yambani, SJ, a Jesuit of Zambia Malawi Province. The Office of the President presides over the Students Association Council with the President being the Chairperson of the Academic, Library and Computers Sub-Committee. It is within this same office that Students enjoy the privilege of representation to some of the Board of Governors and Board of managers meetings.