Dr. Kizito Kiyimba, SJ

/Dr. Kizito Kiyimba, SJ

Dr. Kizito, Kiyimba, SJ


PhD Philosophy of Science – London School of Economics and Political Science - UK; STL Theologisch-Philosophische Hochschule Sankt Georgen – Frankfurt am Main – Germany; Licence en Philosophie – Faculte Saint Pierre Canisius – Kimwenza – DRC; BA Theology and Religious Studies – Catholic University of Eastern Africa – Nairobi – Kenya. BA Philosophy – Pontifical Urban University – Rome (Katigondo) – Uganda.

Teaching Interest:

Philosophy of Science (General);

Epistemology of Science;

Epistemology (Analytic)


Philosophy of Language;

Philosophy of Probability;

Philosophy of Mathematics;

Philosophy of Technology

Research Interest:

Philosophy of Science


African Knowledge Systems

Epistemology of Conflict/Violence/Warfare, Atheism(s),

Epistemologies of Ignorance [Power, War, Tribe, Witchcraft, etc.]



Books in Progress:               A Theory of Tacit Knowledge (Working title)

Die Antwort Eberhard Jüngels auf das Atheismusphänomen (Working title)


Awards and Honours/ Membership:

Director of Centre for African Studies at Arrupe College

Researcher on the project: ‘God’s Order, Man’s Order and the Order of Nature’ (co-headed by Prof. Nancy Cartwright), sponsored by the Templeton Foundation.

Member of The Society for Post-Critical and Personalist Studies (UK) – A Polanyian Society.

Languages of Competence and Fluency: Luganda, English, Swahili, French, German