Dr. Amadeus Shirima, SJ

/Dr. Amadeus Shirima, SJ

Prof. Amedaeus Shirima, SJ


Philosophy-Saint Peter Canisius Institute, Kinshasa, DRC: 1984-1987 (B.Ph. Gregorian Pontifical University, Rome). Theology-Hekima College, Nairobi, Kenya: 1988-1991 (B.Th.)Heythrop College, University of London: 1991-1992 (MTh. Earned 1993). Graduate studies in philosophy: Loyola University, Chicago, USA: 1993-1998 (MA 1997; PhD 1999)
  1. Name: Amedeus Lawrence Shirima, S.J., born in Rombo, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 21/02/1958. Primary and Secondary education in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
  1. Lecturer at Arrupe College: 1998-2000: Areas: African Philosophy (Course and Seminar), Ethics and Political and Legal Philosophy. Lecturer and Rector/Principal of Arrupe College:  2001-2007: Courses; Ethics and   Political and      Legal Philosophy
  1. Teaching Sabbatical at St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, USA: Subject-African Philosophy: January –June 2008. Holder of Donald MacLean Chair.  Public           lecture on “An African perspective on Aristotelian-Thomistic Ethics: Response to Contemporary Moral Crises.” 26 March 2008
  1. Promotion to the Rank of Professor by Arrupe College: 2009
  1.    Return to Arrupe College, Harare as lecturer December 2014
  1.    Publications:
  2. “Economic and Political Justice in Africa: The African Church and Economic Dependence.” Chiedza, Arrupe College Journal. Vol. 2 No.1 May 1999) 67-85.
  1. “The Concept of the Human Person in African Cultures and its Relevance for Ethical Thinking.” Chiedza, Vol. 2 No. 2 (Dec.1999) 1-15
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  1. “The Role of Religion in Politics and Public Life in Africa.” Chiedza, Vol. 14 No. 2 (December 2011) 121-130
  1. Hobbies: Reading and Following news