Dr. Esenther Keith, SJ

/Dr. Esenther Keith, SJ

Dr. Esenther Keith, SJ

Visiting Senior Lecturer

Born: November 18, 1940, Chicago. Entered the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) September 1, 1958. Ordained a Roman Catholic priest, June 10, 1971 St. Ignatius College Prep, 1954-58, Chicago B.A. in philosophy, 1964, Loyola University, Chicago Ph.L. (licentiate in philosophy), 1965, Bellarmine School of Theology M.A. in English, 1965, Loyola University, Chicago M.A. in theology, 1971, Loyola University, Chicago S.T.L. (licentiate in theology), Jesuit School of Theology, 1971 Ph.D. in Organizational Planning, Union Graduate School, 1974

Work experience:

Treasurer, Jesuit novitiate staff, Berkley, MI, 1971-73

professional consultant to religious communities on post-Vatican II adaptation, 1970-77

principal, St. Ignatius College Prep, Chicago, 1973-76

Chicago Province Jesuit Superintendent of Education, 1976-7

dean, St. Paul’s Major Seminary, Wau, Sudan, East Africa, 1977-1980

chaplain, Loyola University Chicago Law School, 1980-3

dean of Jesuit Collegian Program, Loyola University Chicago, 1981-83

teacher of English, Loyola Academy, Wilmette, IL, 1983-85

executive assistant provincial, Chicago Province Jesuits, 1985-90

chaplain, Loyola University Chicago, Water Tower, school of education 1991

chaplain, Loyola University Chicago, Water Tower, law school 1992

associate director ministry, Loyola University Chicago, LSC, 1993-95

executive assistant provincial, Detroit Province Jesuits, 1995-2001

executive assistant to the rector, Loyola University Chicago, Jesuit Community, 2001-04

treasurer Loyola University, Jesuit Community, 2005-07

ESL director at St. Joseph Seminary, 2007-2011

chaplain/media assistant Loyola University, 2007-2011

Arrupe College teacher, 2011-

Other experience: Apart from teaching, chaplaincy, and diverse administration experience, I have offered spiritual direction and counseling for over 40 years. I have had extensive experience supervising others, particularly in educational, pastoral, and ministry settings. I am experienced in setting up computer software and hardware. I have written two journals on trips to Peru (A Taste of Peru)  and Africa/India/Nepal (The Orange Eye of Prejudice), as well as a published a History of the Chicago Province Congresses and Assemblies. In the past few years, I have directed year-long retreats for the faculty and staff at Loyola University, as well as tutoring expatriate priests in ESL.

Courses Taught at Arrupe College:

English Writing APH 103

Argumentative Writing APH 104

New Testament

Latin I

Communication Skills

Computer Software

Film  Criticism: Films of Alfred Hitchcock

Educational Leadership





Internet Research