Dr. Susan Nduna

/Dr. Susan Nduna

Dr. Susan Nduna

Visiting Lecturer



ORDINARY LEVELS             Regina Mundi Secondary School

                                                      Gwaai, Zimbabwe.  1968.                                                     

ADVANCED LEVELS             Goromonzi High School, 1970.

BACHELOR OF ARTS                                  (First Class) National University of Lesotho 1976. I majored in Statistics and Geography. My dissertation in Statistics was on “The distribution of water borne diseases in Lesotho”. The Geography dissertation was on “The concentration and dispersion of the population and GDP in South Africa”.

MASTER OF SCIENCE                         University of Calgary (June 1980). My thesis was on “The Erdos-Renyi Laws of Large Numbers.


MASTER OF BUSINESS                              University of Zimbabwe (July 1988). My thesis was entitled “Portfolio Selection Theory and its relevance to Zimbabwe”.



DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY                        Atlantic International University (December 2013) Statistics.





2005 – to date                                             Lecturer of Probability, Estimation, Testing of Hypotheses and Quality Management in the Department of Statistics.

2004 –  2005                                                Lecturer of Operations Research and pre MBA Mathematics at the Graduate School of Management at the University of Zimbabwe and of Hypothesis Testing in the Department of Statistics.


1991 – 2003                                                 I was the Managing Director of Marriot                                         Computing and Management Services.

This is a consultancy organisation that    networks with several other organisations and sources the services of other people. With my background, I conducted feasibility studies, business plans marketing plans and economic plans at both macro and micro levels. The list at the bottom gives all the studies conducted to date


 I was the managing director of Robert Anderson (Put) Ltd. I sold it on 30th September 2003.


April 1988 – September 1991     Corporate Planner, Forestry

                                                                        Commission. (See A below)


October 1985 – March 1988       Regraded to Assistant Secretary,

                                                                        Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning

                                                                         and Development. (See B below)


May 1984 – September 1985      Principal Economist, Ministry of

                                                                       Finance, Economic Planning and




January 1983 – April 1984           Actuarial Trainee, Colonial Mutual Life

                                                                        Assurance Society. (See C below)


July 1980 – December 1982        Planning Officer, Ministry of Manpower

                                                      Planning & Development. (See D below)


August 1976 – July 1977            Teaching Assistant, Department of

Statistics, National University of Lesotho.

June 1976 – July 1976                              Statistical Officer, Bureau of Statistics,

                                                                        Maseru, Lesotho.


January to December 1971                     Teacher of Ndebele and Geography, Usher Secondary School, Figtree, Zimbabwe.






  1. Prepare course outlines for the following courses

STS 221 Testing of Hypothesis

STS 101 Probability TheoryI

STS201 Theory of Estimation

STS213 Probability Theory II                          

STS111 Statistical Inference

STS401 Quality Management

HSTC 517 Advanced Probability Theory (Master’s level)

HSTS 214 Advanced Probability Theory (Honours llevel)

HSTS 214 Sampling Theory and Survey Techniques


  1. Preparing Course delivery material in the form of lecture notes,

PowerPoint, transparencies etc.                    

  1. Delivering Lecture and organising group discussions.
  2. Assessing students during the lecture giving impromptu tests during classes and tests and assignments.
  3. Preparing tutorial material.
  4. Preparing examination papers
  5. Marking Examination scripts from students
  6. Marking theses on various topics.
  7. My students can access course notes and assignments on the course web site. I have completed writing modules for my courses with a view to books available to Southern African students at affordable prices.
  8. I am conducting research on Change-point analysis with a view to register for a Doctor of Philosophy degree programme this semester.



  1. Duties at Forestry Commission.


  1.        Recommend long and short term goals and objectives for approval by the   

      General Manager.

  1. Develop plans and strategies which will ensure the realisation of stated

           Corporate goals and objectives.


  1. Monitor the implementation of Corporate Plans and Strategies.
  2. Identify corporate strengths and weaknesses of the organisation and its opportunities and threats to facilitate in the formulation of meaningful corporate goals and strategies.
  3.   Identify areas of information deficiency for decision making and draw up and questionnaires for market and industrial surveys.
  4. Supervise the enumeration, compilation and analysis of data and ensure that information is disseminated to the right departments who could utilise the information.
  5. Annually coordinate the capital budgeting process ensuring that it meets the Ministries of Environment and Tourism and eventually the Ministry of Finance Economic Planning and Development and also Donor Agencies deadlines.
  6. Assist in the compilation of bankable project documents, recommend their funding and negotiate loan terms with external financing institutions and then monitor their implementation.
  7. Before the budgeting process, develop economic and market assumptions for the next two years.
  8. Liaise with Government departments and economic institutions both within and outside Zimbabwe.




  1. Formulate and compile short term medium term and long term development plans with special emphasis on the manufacturing sector, for approval by the Undersecretary.
  2. Co ordinate and liaise with the private sector and its institutions such as the ZNCC the CZI and the Chamber of Mines about the acceptability and feasibility of suggested objectives and strategies for economic development.
  3. Liaise with other departments within the Ministry and within Government to ensure that the formulated plans are implementable and acceptable.
  4. Review the economic performance of various economic sectors.
  5. Co-ordinate with the Central Statistics Office in estimating and projecting macro-economic data for use in annual, medium and long term plans.
  6. Ascertain the investment plans of the private sector and their implementation horizon.
  7. Identify investment opportunities for Zimbabwean Institutions within Zimbabwe and within the region for inclusion in the Investment Register.
  8. Acted as Under Secretary, Long and Medium Term Plans supervising work on the Investment Register.
    1. Assessing various assurance proposals to ascertain risk presented by each individual dependent on age and state of health.
  1. Assessing risk to be carried by the organisation and how much to reinsure.
  1. Determining the surrender value, loan value and paid up policy values for clients.
  1. Assessing claims put forward before recommending them either for payment or for turning them down.
  1. Designing, enumeration, analysis and compilation of Manpower Survey of 1981/82.
  2. Formulating and compiling annual, medium and long term plans.
  3. Determining manpower estimates and projections of supply and demand of skills by sector through conducting sectoral surveys.
  4. Conducting economic reviews and drawing up economic assumptions for manpower plans in close liaison with the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development.
  5. Member of the Secretariat of the Foreign Recruitment Committee.
  6.  Member of the Co-ordination Committee monitoring the implementation of the Ministry’s objectives and strategies.
  7. Member of the Advisory Committee on Social Statistics based in the Central Statistics Office which was responsible for the conducting National Household Surveys.
  8. Ministry Representative to the Working Party of the Cabinet Committee on Development.




  1. Hillside Hardware Feasibility Study.
  2. Universal Printing Enterprises Feasibility Study
  3. Jarmine Clothing Feasibility Study
  4. Manditi Clothing Feasibility Study.
  5. Courseware Development Centre Feasibility Study.
  6. Investment Opportunities in Clothing Manufacture in Zimbabwe.
  7. Afro-Arab Development Corporation (A Preliminary Project Proposal)
  8. Afro-Arab Trade Corporation (A Preliminary Project Proposal)
  9. Masan L.V. (Pvt) Ltd Feasibility Study
  10. Project Appraisal of Hoskens, Helicopter Enterprises.
  11. CM Manufacturing (Feasibility Study)
  12. Norton Foods (Feasibility Study)
  13. WJMC (Feasibility Study)
  14. Chipinge College of Horticulture Feasibility Study.
  15. Negomo Associates Preliminary Study.
  16. Commuter Omnibus Preliminary Study.
  17. Feasibility Study for the Msabaeka Group of Companies.
  18. Perrems Dry Cleaning and Laundry Feasibility Study.
  19. Food  Canning  in Chipinge for Palamone Pvt Ltd
  20. Poverty Alleviation Survey in the Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique


  1. Change Point Analysis and its Applications to the Zimbabwean Economy; International Journal of Statistics and Systems; Vol 7, Number 3 (2012), pp 187-193.
  2. Frailty Effects in the Cox Hazard Model and its Applications to Life Insurance in Zimbabwe; International Journal of Statistics and Systems; Vol 7, Number 3 (2012), pp 205-217.
  3. Modeling Claim Sizes using the lognormal Pareto Model in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Statistics and Systems; Vol 7, Number 3 (2012), pp 299-313.
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  7. An application of time series analysis on malaria cases in Zimbabwe for the time period 1965-2006.Paper accepted by the International Journal of Statistics and Analysis on 1st July 2013.
  8. Comparing the Performance of Shares Quoted on three stock exchanges during hyperinflationary times accepted by the International Journal of Education and Research on 29/08/2013. See attached report.