Dr. Thomas Sherman, SJ

/Dr. Thomas Sherman, SJ

Dr. Tom Sherman, SJ

Visiting Lecturer

- Marquette University 1973-1977 B.A. Philosophy (graduated summa cum laude) - St. Louis University 1979-1981 M.A. Philosophy - Weston Jesuit School of Theology 1984-1986 Masters of Divinity - University of Toronto 1991-1999 PhD Philosophy - Pontifical University of the Gregorian in Rome 2007-2009 STL in Spirituality.

Writings and Publications


The Relationship between God and the World in St. Thomas Aquinas M.A. Thesis

St. Louis University. (1981)

The Nature and Place of Perfect Friendship in Aristotle’s Practical Philosophy PhD Thesis.  Director: John M. Rist. University of Toronto. (1999)

Participation in the Eucharist as a Conversation between God and Us as between Good Friends, STL Thesis.  Moderator: J. Carlos, Coupeau, S.J. (2009)

Courses being taught at AC

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language. Major thinkers and issues: Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas.  History Courses: Medieval and Modern.  Other: Introduction to Philosophy and Vatican II.

Areas of Research, Publications and Interests

– “Human Happiness and the Role of Philosophical Wisdom in the Nicomachean EthicsInternational Philosophical Quarterly  42. pp. 467-492, 2002.

– “The Practical Relevance of Wisdom (Sophia) in Aristotelian and Contemporary Virtue Ethics”, Milltown Studies 55, pp. 113-141, 2005.

– “‘Being Natural’, The Good Human Being, and the Goodness of Acting Naturally in the Laozi and the Nicomachean EthicsDao, A Journal of Comparative Philosophy Vol. V Number 2. pp. 331-348, 2006.

– “Wisdom and Action Guidance in the Agent Based Virtue Ethics of Aristotle” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 80, No. 4, Fall 2006.

– “The Dao De Jing as Apophatic Discourse on the Dao as a Religious Reality” The Proceedings of the International Conference on Taosim at Mt. Tiantai and Zhejiang, pp. 647-654. 2008

Book Reviews

The One and the Many: A Contemporary Thomistic Metaphysics by W. Norris Clark in Theological Studies Vol. 63, 2002.

Real Ethics: Rethinking the Foundations of Morality by John Rist in Theological Studies Vol 64, 2003.

Aristotle on Teleology by Monte Ransome Johnsom in International Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 47, No. 3 pp. 369-371, 2007.


The Cardinal Virtues in St. Thomas Aquinas co-authored with Christopher Kazcor.  Sapientia Press  2009.