Dr. Virgilio Costa, SJ

/Dr. Virgilio Costa, SJ

Dr. Virgilio Costa, SJ

Visiting Lecturer

António Virgilio Faria de Oliveira e Costa, sj, was born in Beira, Mozambique, of Portuguese nationality; in 1980, entered Medical School at the University of Coimbra, Portugal; left medicine to enter the Society of Jesus in 1983; was ordained priest in 1995 and took the last vows in 2007.

Degrees attained: Licence in Philosophy (PhL) at the Portuguese Catholic University in Braga (1989); BTh at CUEA in Nairobi, Kenya (1994); STL at JSTB, California, USA (1996); PhD in Ethics at Boston College, Massachusetts, USA (2004).

Some of the courses taught at Arrupe College: General Ethics; Meta-ethics; Bioethics; Political and Legal philosophy; Economic and Social philosophy; Philosophical Anthropology; History of Philosophy; Elective courses on Kant, Nietzsche, Heidegger and Levinas.

Areas of Interest: Anthropology and Ethics; for example, the relation between personhood and human rights or the relation between development and ecology.

Recent Publications: Articles in Chiedza: “Universality and Cultural Relativity in the African Charter of Human and People’s Rights: Tension between Individual and Group Rights”; “Caritas in Veritate: the importance of foundations”; Articles on “The Social Teaching of the Church” for a magazine of the Catholic University of Mozambique; “The Jesuits in Angola and their Expulsion” for the Historical Institute in Nairobi.

Hobbies: History, Literature, camping, swimming.