Mr. Francis Koshoffa, SJ

/Mr. Francis Koshoffa, SJ

Mr. Francis Koshoffa, SJ

Visiting Lecturer

Mr. Francis Koshoffa, SJ is a Jesuit from Nigeria. He is interested in German speculative thought, taking Immanuel Kant, the originator of Critical Philosophy, as his point of departure. His interest in Kant necessitates interest in Kant’s intellectual surrounding.

This implies exploring the thought of classical British empiricists such as David Hume, John Locke and Bishop George Berkeley. In addition to these, Mr. Koshoffa also explores Cartesian, Leibnizian, Wolffian rationalism and Newtonian physics for a better articulation of Kant’s project. His ability to read and understand German gives him the advantage of a first-hand access to German texts of Kant, Leibniz and Wolff.

As a Jesuit, Mr. Koshoffa is particularly interested in the three fundamental themes of traditional metaphysics, that is, God, freedom and immortality of the soul, and how Kant approaches them. He is of the view that given the positivistic and naturalistic approaches to philosophy, Kant’s Critical Philosophy might be a plausible way of addressing the three themes of traditional metaphysics.

Academic Records:

2003-2005 Studied Biology, Chemistry and Education at the Federal College of Education Zaria. Obtained a National Certificate in Education.

2008-2012: Studied Philosophy and Humanities at Arrupe College Harare. Obtained a BA Honours in Philosophy: First Class.

2012-2013: Attendend Deutschkurs bei der Universität in Munich. Obtained a Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang: Second Class

2013-2015: Graduate Studies in Philosophy at the Hochschule für Philosophie München. Obtained an MA in Philosophy: First Class

Work Experience:

2005-2006 taught Biology at comprehensive college Zaria.

Since August 2015, lecturer of Philosophy at Arrupe College, Jesuit school of philosophy and humanities.

Director of the Centre for African Studies, Arrupe College.

Areas of Interest: German Idealism, Immanuel Kant’s metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of religion.

Personal Attributes: Ready to learn and experiment with new ideas; team player; curious, flexible; speaks German and English fluently.

Award: 2012: Garth Hallett Price for Exceptional Ability and Promise in the Area of Philosophy.