Mr. Francis Zangairai

/Mr. Francis Zangairai

Mr. Francis Zangairai


University of Zimbabwe; Diploma in Philosophy 1998-2001. Honors Degree in Religious Studies 2002-2005. Masters of Arts Degree in Religious Studies 2006-2007. Currently pursuing PhD Studies in Religions of Africa. Malawi Institute of Education; Life Skills Certificate 2008

Courses taught at Arrupe; World Religions,African Traditional

Religion,Phenomenology of Religion,Political theology,African

theology,Christianity in Africa,Islamic teachings,Philosophy of religion

and sociology of religion.

Area of research; Religion and Phenomenology although no publication as yet.

Hobbies; playing lawn tennis,listening to gospel music,writing poems and


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we

created them'(Albert Einstein),hence hunt,explore and be open to the new

avenues of problem solving.Avoid mediocrity and strive to be always

relevant wherever you are.”