Sr. Mandeya, A

/Sr. Mandeya, A

Sr. A.S. Mandeya

Visiting Lecturer

  I was a religious sister from the Carmelite Sisters, a Zimbabwean national. Having taught for about 8 years at Arrupe College, having a pending PhD (Studying with Unisa 2016) and being a finally professed  nun.  I have discovered and learned that most people particularly the women and the girl child are more vulnerable to exploitation and  oppression due to some cultural beliefs and practices despite religion, education level, race and color. This college has demonstrated that it is there for the welfare of people and thus has people at heart particularly the marginalized. I strongly feel that given the resources our college will be a fertile ground for different researches that would liberate and empower many people.  I am hard working and work without supervision for the good of all.