Mr. Moses Ndung'u, SJ

Treasurer & Chairperson of Finance Sub-Committee

The SC Treasurer

The SC Treasurer is responsible for the administration and use of Association funds and for the financial records of the Association

S/he chairs the Finance Sub–Committee of the Association and convene its meetings.

Keeps the records of all financial transactions of the Associa-tion.

Gives a full financial report whenever required to do so by the President, the Academic

Council, the College‘s Finance Committee, or the Association and as required by the rules of this Constitution.

Represents the student body on the College Finance Com-mittee.

The Finance Sub-Committee

Composed of the SC Treasurer, who is the Chairperson of the Sub-Committee, one member of the Academic & Libraries Sub-Committee, one member of the Publications & Conferences Sub-Committee, one member of the Cultural & Liturgical Sub-Committee, one member of the Sports, Entertainment & Recreation Sub-Committee, and two members elected by a general meeting of the Association.

Its roles are to:-

Co-ordinate and oversee all financial affairs of the Association.

Make recommendations and give advice on financial affairs to the SC and sub–committees of the Association.

Administer the proper operation of the Association’s system of financial control and accounting.

Keep and receive accounts on all financial activities of the Association.

Approve the Treasurer’s financial reports.

Submit estimates and accounts to the college Finance Committee for ap-proval.