Mr. Noumbissie Tassi, SJ

Secretary General & Chairperson of the Publications and Conference Sub-Committee

The SC Secretary

The SC Secretary is the chief administrative officer of the Association and among other duties:-

a) Conducts all correspondence.

b) Keeps proper records of all General and SC meetings.

c) Keep a record of the constitutions of student clubs and societies.

d) Assist the President and other SC members in car-rying out their work in a proper and efficient manner and ensure in general the Association’s efficient all–round administration.

e) Co-ordinate the SC elections committee.

f) Chair the Publications and Conference Sub-Committee.

The Publications & Conferences Sub-Committee

Composed of the Secretary of the SC, who chairs the Sub-Committee, the Editor and one other member of “Chiedza” Editorial Board, the Editor and one oth-er member of the Student Newsletter (The Insider) Editorial Board, and two student members of the College Conferences Committee.

This Sub-Committee is responsible for the publication of “Chiedza: The Journal of Arrupe College”.

It is responsible for the publication of the students’ newsletter, The Insider.

It facilitates the smooth-running of conferences, and may organize for such conferences according to the Association’s constitutions