Mr. Reagan Chengamali , SJ

Chairperson, Culture and Liturgy

The Cultural & Liturgical Sub-Committee

This Sub-Committee is composed of one mem-ber of the SC, who chairs the Sub-Committee, and the chairpersons of each cultural or litur-gical group recognized by the SC within the student body.

The Sub-Committee:

Promotes, encourages, supports and co-ordinates all cultural and liturgical clubs, groups and societies affiliated to the Asso-ciation.

In co-operation with the College authorities, assists in the animation and organization of all College liturgical services and events.

Organizes periodical drama, dance, artistic and musical events on behalf of the Associ-ation.

Promotes the participation of Association members in cultural events both on and off campus.

Approves applications for affiliation from cul-tural and liturgical groups, clubs or socie-ties on campus.