Miss Tracy Takavada

Charities and Welfare Chairperson

The Welfare & Charities Sub-Committee

This Sub-Committee is composed of two SC members, one of whom is the Vice-

President of the Association, who co-chairs the Sub-Committee.

Three other members of the Association are appoint-ed to the Sub-Committee by the SC, on the recommendation of the Chairperson of the Sub-Committee.

This Sub-Committee:

Plays the oversight role of the facilities offered to the students by the College in the dining hall and the student lounge/cafeteria.

Facilitate, through the office of the College Minister, the provision of transport for Association groups and outings, as required.

Have oversight of the facility offered by the College in the campus sickbay.

Organize and co-ordinate any charitable activities undertaken by the Association.

The Chairperson represents student needs to the College Minister.