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Diploma in Philosophy & Theology

The Diploma in Philosophy and Theology is a three-year programme of full-time study that introduces students to reflection in philosophy and theology within an African context.  Thinking and talking about God, the church, prayer and the spiritual life, providing a natural framework for raising the questions traditionally called philosophical.  In fact, historically this was in large part how philosophy did develop.  The diploma initiates the student into the parallel and interrelated histories and problems of philosophy and theology, and so into areas of thought that are central to the Catholic tradition but less seldom addressed in standard courses of theology or philosophy. 

All students must have passes in five approved subjects obtained at Ordinary Level, including a pass in English Language, or equivalents as approved by the University of Zimbabwe’s General Academic Regulations for Certificates and Diplomas. In addition, all students must perform sufficiently well at an entrance examination and interview to be set by the Faculty Board of Arrupe College.

The following persons may apply for special entry and for exemption from the whole or part of the normal entry requirements: those who have obtained a degree or a Certificate of Education or their academic qualification from the University of Zimbabwe, or from another institution approved by the University of Zimbabwe as being of similar status. Students who qualify under special entry shall also be required to undertake an entrance examination and interview.

Mature entry for students who are 30 years and older on the first day of the academic year in which admission is sought requires passes in at least three approved subjects at Ordinary Level, plus experience in virtue of which the College considers them ready for a diploma programme. Students who qualify under mature entry shall also be required to undertake an entrance examination and interview.