Arrupe Jesuit University offers a package within which encompasses a holistic formation. By holistic I mean that the AJU experience goes beyond white chalks and markers, white boards and black boards, slides and clips, lectures and presentations to encompass an integral human formation. A special aspect of my AJU experience which I feel grateful for is the opportunities I encountered and explored. Life outside the classroom has been one of inestimable worth. During the said time, I engage in photography, graphic design, and visiting the library.

In the spirit of gratitude, photography has been one of the opportunities I have encountered and explored at AJU. With no prior skills nor experience, the COVID-19 context presented me the most perfect time to learn this new skill. With a tinge of consistency, I soon discovered that photography is not just a skill to be learned, but an art to be perfected.

Similarly, in the spirit of the contrariness in which I initiated this reflection, being an introvert has helped me appreciated the ambience of the AJU library. I have come to an appreciation of the solitude of the library which helps me to recollect my ideas and strategize. It has been a place where I get to refill my energy.

The AJU experience has been one of significant impact as it has also helped me in developing the skill of graphic design, content creation for social media as well as technical skills in medica coverage.

It is uncharacteristic of this feeling of gratitude to be overemphasized; therefore, AJU is a place I would wish anyone who wishes to grow in his or her desire to love and serve to be part of.

Mr. Eric Teru SJ,
Class of 2023