Bachelor of  Education Honours Degree in Inclusive Education

Program Overview

The Generally accepted phrase “No Child left behind” or the contemporary rhetoric of “education of the girl child” are very noble endeavors. In addition to these, there is the question of the child with special needs or learning difference who are easily neglected or overlooked in the general perspective. The degree in inclusive education is to train teachers, lecturers, caregivers to properly mould the children with special needs, to bring out the best of themselves in their various gifts.

Career Opportunities/Matophonic Journey

  1. Secondary school teacher
  2. Primary school teacher
  3. Educational advisor
  4. NGOs and government adviser.
  5. Caregivers


First Year

IE 101 Introduction to Inclusive Education (12)

IE 102 Social Learning in an Inclusive Classroom (12)

IE 103 History of Inclusive Education (12)

IE 301 Communication Skills for Visual Impairment (12)


IE 105 Understanding Language Development and Literacy Skills Culture of Inclusive Education (12)


TFT111 Academic Writing (12)

IE 117 Heritage and Cultural Studies (12)

IE 111 Behavioural management in Inclusive Classrooms (12)

IE 112 Curriculum Adaptation and Instructional Strategies (12)

IE 113 Assessment and Identification of Special Needs in Children (12)

IE 302 Communication Skills for Hearing Impairment (12)

IE 115 Developmental and Social Abnormalities (12)

APH110 African Philosophy and history (12)

TFT307 Ignatian Spirituality (12)

IE 116 Service Program (10)

Second Year

IE 201 Instructional Planning and Presentation for Inclusive Education (12)

IE 202   ICT and Inclusive Education (12)

IE 203 Adaption, Evaluation and assessment procedures (12)

IE 204 Counselling & Inclusive Education (12)

IE 205 Ethics and Teaching (12)

IE 206 Working with Children with Autism (12)

IE 207 Research Methods (12)

IE 211 Creating Safe Creative Spaces (12)

IE 212 Classroom Management, Engagement and Motivation for Inclusive Education (12)

IE 213 Language Disorders in Children (12)

IE 214 Understanding Auditory Processing Disorders (12)

IE 215 Learning and Cognitive Processes of Children with Intellectual Impairment (12)

IE 216 Cognitive and Neurological Disorders in Learning Disabilities (12)


Third Year

IE 301             Communication Skills for Visual Impairment (12)

IE 302 Communication Skills for Hearing Impairment (12)

IE 303 Issues and Trends in the Education of Gifted and Talented Learners (12)

IE 304 Habilitation and Rehabilitation of Motor Deviations (12)


  • (IE 314) Practicum

    (Teaching in a local or international establishment) (20)

Forth Year

IE 313 Learning and Cognitive Processes for Gifted Students (12)

IE 401 Reading Difficulties/ Dyslexia (12)

IE 402 Children in Need of Special Care and Protection (12)

IE 403 Dyscalculia and Educational Implications (12)

IE 404 Concepts and Principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (12)

IE 405 Vocational Rehabilitation and Career Counseling (12)

IE 411 Collaborating with Partners for Diverse Students (12)

IE 412 Life Skills for People with Disabilities (12)

APH413 Philosophy of Education (12)


ACM 409 Elective: Leadership and Entrepreneurship (12)

IE 414 Research Project in Inclusive Education (24)


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