Montrose Court
  • 3-storey modern complex with safe drinking borehole water
Single Rooms
  • 42 furnished 2-bed shared rooms
  • 6 furnished single bedded room  
  • Study desk
  • Study chair
  • Double door closet for each occupant
  • Electrical connections
Community Facilities
  • Common Ground Floor kitchen facility
  • Common dining room facility
  • Common Room
  • Kitchenette on all floors equipped with microwave ovens
  • Communal showers with cubicles and toilets including urinals for gents
  • On-site washing facilities
  • Tiled, easy-to-clean and sanitised flooring
  • Sanitising facilities at entry into complex
  • On-site cleaning and caretaker
  • Communal free Wi-Fi
  • Controlled access
  • Maintenance
  • Enclosed courtyard
  • Garden for open space study
  • Common Room
Travel Ratings
  • 7 kms from Arrupe Jesuit University
  • Walking Distance to CBD ( 1 km)
  • Walking Distance to Medical Facilities (+200m)
  • 24 hour guarded
  • Restricted access to complex
Accommodation Cost
  • Shared rooms – USD120.00 per month
  • Single Rooms – USD150.00 per month

Montrose Hostels Rules and Regulations

  1. All rentals are due on the first of the month.
  2. Tenants are not allowed to drink or smoke within the premises. Those found in contempt of this rule and/or intoxicated within the hostel compounds will be evicted.
  3. Tenants are not allowed to host persons of the opposite gender in their rooms past 10 pm.
  4. No sexual activities or related social acts shall be carried out within the hostel compounds; those that are caught will be evicted.
  5. All rooms are expected to be clean at all times. Tenants with unclean rooms will be asked to clean and put their rooms in working order at a moment’s notice.
  6. Tenants are not allowed to cook within the rooms. Keeping food within the rooms with the intention of cooking in or outside the rooms is not allowed. Violation of this warrants eviction.
  7. To enhance an atmosphere conducive to studying, no loud music or unnecessary noise will be allowed within the hostel.
  8. All issues of vandalism shall warrant replacement of damaged property by the perpetrator, upon which eviction may ensue.
  9. All displays of violence or threatening behavior against other tenants are strictly not allowed. All actions of this nature will warrant eviction.
  10. Wi-Fi access is a complimentary facility, the Hostel Manager reserves the right to switch Wi-Fi ON or OFF and monitor its usage without notice. The Hostel Manager also reserves the right to deny internet access to students who abuse the facility.
  11. The bathrooms shall be kept clean and in good working order. Leaving the bathroom dirty after a bath is a punishable offence.
  12. Strictly no altering of electrical circuits, sockets or lamp holders is allowed. Altering of such will warrant eviction.
  13. Littering is strictly not allowed within the hostel compounds. Perpetrators will face disciplinary action.
  14. No heavy electrical appliances over 500W shall be connected to electrical sockets, this includes but not limited to the following appliances: stoves, microwaves, fridges and/or deep freezers, dishwashers, electrical heaters, fryers, and water heating kettles, water heating elements, toasters and vacuum cleaners.
  15. Tenants are not allowed to install key blockers on their doors.
  16. To ensure adherence of the outlined rules, all rooms shall be susceptible to weekly and monthly inspections without prior warning.
  17. Visitors are not allowed to sleep over.
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