BA Honours Degree In Transformational Leadership

This is ordinarily a four-year degree programme focused on promoting popular and adult education and the cultivation of values-based transformational leadership. The main goals of the programme are to:

  • Build a new breed of leaders grounded in good theory and practice in education and development
  • Build the knowledge and skills bases in addition to analytical abilities of development practitioners, local communities, civil society organizations and government departments
  • Cultivate and deepen developmental visions, ethical values and commitment to social justice, peace and cultures of caring.

The programme builds on the work and developmental methodologies of Paulo Freire and other similar historical figures and benefits from the rich Ignatian tradition, pedagogy and spirituality emphasized in Jesuit schools and institutions globally.

The first and second years of the programme consist of courses taken on approximately twelve-week basis and followed by a field project. The third and fourth years focus on relevant theoretical courses leading up to a final project and the service programme. The applied field work is conducted in the home communities of students supported by experienced mentors. By the end of this course, graduates will be able to do the following:

  1. Review and analyse development problems and issues locally, nationally, and globally.
  2. Strategize, facilitate and mobilize community responses guided by justice, peace, fundamental human needs, environmental sustainability and reflected ethical and spiritual values.

Why Choose this Course?

  • Flexibility: sessions are conducted as hybrid sessions during evenings and weekends
  • Work-based learning: no need to leave your current work
  • Career progression: a chance to upgrade your certificate or diploma
  • You join a global network of TFT practitioners
  • Become an ethical transformational leader and analytical development practitioner of the future who is grounded in justice and peace

Five O Level passes including English and two A Level passes.

A candidate entering this programme through this route will complete the programme in four years.

Special Entry

A certificate or diploma in Training for Transformation offered by Training for Transformation in Practice originally based at the Grail Centre in South Africa. Equivalent certificates and diplomas will be considered.

A candidate entering this programme with these qualifications will start from the third year and completing the programme in two years.

First Year

First Semester (84 Credits)

TFT 111 Academic Writing

TFT 101 Introduction to Capacity Building

TFT 102 Introduction to Transformative Development

TFT 103 Adult and Popular Education

TFT 104 Paulo Freire in Practice

TFT 105 Introduction to Political Economy


Second Semester (82 Credits)

TFT 106 Introduction to Spirituality

TFT 107 Gender Studies

TFT 108 Introduction to Organizational Development

TFT 109 Strategic Thinking and Planning

TFT 110 Lobbying and Advocacy

TFT 112 Oral Communication

TFT 113 Introduction to Theories of Development


Year One Field Practice During Holidays

TFT 111 Year One Field Practice: Learning Teaching Teams

TFT 112 Field Placement review and reviewing Paulo Freire


Second Year

First Semester (84 Credits)

TFT 201 Strategic Community Life Management

TFT 202 Global Transformative Development Studies

TFT 203 Culture and Development

TFT 204 Political Economy

TFT 205 Social Business

TFT 206 Sustainable Organizational Development



Second Semester (84 Credits)

TFT 208 Paulo Freire in Practice II

TFT 209 Eco-Spirituality

TFT 210 Climate Change and Conflict Transformation

TFT 211 Gender and Reconciliation

TFT 212 Social Research

TFT 207 Social Movements and Organizations



Year Two Field Practice During Holidays

TFT 208 Year Two Field Practice: Practical Application of Action Research Project


Third Year

First Semester (81 Credits)

TFT 301 Personal Development and Group Dynamics

TFT 302 Society Studies

TFT 303 Transformative Development and Education

TFT 304 Contemporary Theories of Development

TFT 305 Philosophy of Paulo Freire


Second Semester (78 Credits)

TFT 306 Ethics and the Philosophy of Development

TFT 307 Ignatian Spirituality

TFT 308 ICT and Development

TFT 309 Research Methodology

TFT 310 African Economic History

TFT 313 Leadership and Governance Studies


Fourth Year

First Semester (22 Credits)

TFT 411 Field Research and Preparing to Write a Dissertation

TFT 501 Service Programme

Second Semester    (48 Credits)

TFT 412 Dissertation


The unique nature of this course lies in its emphasis on creativity and innovation in building knowledge, social awareness, analytical skills and the capacities of individuals, teams, groups, communities and organizations in order to transform destructive development structures through the conscientization and mobilization of disempowered people. The focus is predominantly aimed at community-level activism although it also includes policy analysis and advocacy. Professional practitioners in government positions, civil society organisations and church groups will benefit immensely from this programme.The aim is to build a new level of transformational leadership grounded in good theory, community solidarity and practice and the spirituality of social justice.

Six courses are taught in each 14-week semester. Each course will take two weeks. The programme uses adult education/popular education/continuing education approaches to teaching, learning and assessment. In its teaching and learning processes, the programme recognizes students’ previous and current work experience and knowledge. It also uses codes, group work, experiential learning, work contexts and community encounters and projects.

This programme is accredited by the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE).


Local Students   = USD 650

International Students = USD 850

  • Development practitioner
  • Community leader and animator
  • Social justice activist
  • Local government leader

We place great importance on work-related experience during your studies with us. We recognise the importance of gaining work experience during your studies. We will offer advice on available work placements, internships, work experience and opportunities.

Currently Co-ordinated by:

Dr Monica Nyachowe, OP, Dip in Edu., (Bondolfi Teachers’ College, Zimbabwe), Bedu, Bedu (Hons) (University of South Africa), MEdu (New Castle University Upon Tyne, UK), PhD (University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa)


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