Program Tuition Structures

Tuition Fees

  • Languages 250 Units

    Fees for duration of course

  • Other Short Courses 200 Units

    Fees for duration of course

  • Undergraduate Programs 650 Units

    Fees per Semester

Supplementary Fees

  • Canteen 250 Units

    Includes tea break and lunch


1 Unit = 1 USD equivalent at Bank Rate for local students

1 Unit = 1 USD for international Students

General Information on Executive Certificates


6 months (lectures can be online or face to face)

Classroom Hours

Approximately 16 contact hours per module. Each executive certificate will have 5 main modules each with relevant sub-modules. Students will get exempted from these courses should they register for degrees.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements: 5 O Levels including English (Mathematics required for relevant certificates like ICT), National Certificates, Diplomas.