Standard 1: A Written Policy on Keeping Children and Vulnerable Adults Safe

AJU shall have in place, at all times, a Child and Vulnerable Adult-Protection Policy, which applies to all AJU officials and students. In this policy,

  • a child is any person under the age of eighteen;

  • a vulnerable adult (henceforth (“VA”) is a person at or above the age of 18 years, who may permanently or temporarily need community care/services due to mental or other disability, age, or illness, and who may be unable to take care of himself or herself or protect himself or herself from serious harm or exploitation;

  • Child or VA abuse can be in any of the following forms, but not limited to, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological or emotional abuse or neglect, or the use of abusive words or language by any person who comes into contact with the child or VA in the context of service delivery.

Standard 2: Procedures for responding to child and VA protection allegations and suspicions

  1. The Child and VA Protection Officer (CPO) is the responsible authority for receiving complaints, grievances or allegations of abuse on behalf of a child or VA making such a claim. The CPO shall be assisted by an Evaluation Committee in advising AJU on any course of action with any matter at hand.

  2. All staff and University students must be carefully vetted before being placed in a position which gives them direct access to children or VAs.

  3. All staff and University students have an obligation to report immediately to designated persons a suspected child or VA abuse or neglect

Standard 3: Preventing Harm to Children and VAs

  1. Children and VAs who come to AJU either individually or brought by the parents have a right to be handled on a humane basis and with utmost respect. This includes, but is not limited to, protection of confidentiality and privacy; creating a hygienic and non-infections environment; protection from any form of abuse; non-discrimination on whatever basis.

  2. All policies and procedures regarding recruitment of representatives and guidelines for behaviour are understood and accepted by all staff and students of Arrupe University.

  3. When these guidelines are not observed, consequences are determined by the AJU’s disciplinary committee.

Standard 4: Training and Education

  1. On a regular basis, AJU holds training sessions for all staff and University students.  Particular emphasis is given to new staff and AJU students or volunteers.  UPE JESUIT UNIVERSITY – CHILD- AND VULNERABLE ADU

Standard 5: Communicating the Child and VA Safeguarding Message

  1. A copy of the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child and VA shall be posted on the walls around the AJU premises.

  2. A child- and VA-protection policy outline will be made readily available on entry to the AJU premises, to make people aware that we are taking measures to protect children and VAs in our care.

  3. Contact for local child- and VA-protection resources, as well as national helplines and emergency contact details like the policy, ambulance, social services, shall be made readily available. The contact details of AJU’s Child and VA Protection Officer shall also be made readily available.

Standard 6: Access to Advice and Support

  1. Staff members and University students should be aware that they have a special responsibility for keeping children and VAs safe and for giving children and VAs information about how to access specialist advice, support and counselling.

Standard 7: Implementation and monitoring

  1. The Person most directly responsible for the implementation of our Child- and VA Protection Policy is the Child- (and VA)- Protection Officer. However, all staff and University students are made aware through training and review of our policy that they too have an obligation to prevent any harm coming to any child or VA within our care and are equally duty bound to report any suspected abuse or neglect to the CPO.

  2. AJU must review the Child- and VA-Protection Policy and procedures, and related documents, including behaviours and practices at regular intervals.

Contact Child Protection Office

CONTACT DETAILS: CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER (Dr Mandeya): +263773031731 LOCAL POLICE (Harare Central Police): (024) 2777777 LOCAL POLICE (ZRP Borrowdale): (024) 2860067 LOCAL POLICE (ZRP Avondale): (024) 2336632