“Welcome to our University” is a phrase I heard more than I anticipated. To myself I was thinking, am I really here? What next then? All these questions I did not have answers to. All I told myself was to keep calm and just ride the wave as it comes.

After the orientation, everyone is really friendly. Lecturers are coming and going and everyone is going about their day but all this is very confusing to my little brains. Literally feeling like a small fish in the big sea, I carried myself and before much time, I had grown accustomed to the school and it now feels like a second home where I have all these brothers to rely on.

Time went by so fast because of online learning due to Covid-19, went for my internship, and before I knew it, I was in my final year. Coming back to more confusion as I had to introduce myself to the new kids on the block whilst feeling like I am the one who is lost. One rollercoaster ride I tell you!

My advice to incoming college students is that they make friends with their seniors. It really helps in getting direction, how to get around, tricks and tips on time management and free notes. Also, make the syllabi your friend so that you do not miss anything. The work and effort you put in will show end of semester. It is going to be so hard sometimes you will think of quitting and committing suicide but hang in there, believe in yourself, you’ve got this!

BY Takudzwa Delpha MANGACHENA
Final Year Student

Bsc. ICT