Affiliation & Association
Affiliate status

with the University of Zimbabwe, the major state university in the country. This relationship is administered through the University’s Department of Religious Studies, Classics and Philosophy. The quality of the programmes is ensured by reputable and internationally recognised external examiners who moderate every examination process.


Recent external examiners have included Professor Terence McLaughlin of the University of London (Institute of Education) and Cambridge University; Professor Stephen Rowntree of Loyola University, New Orleans, USA; Dr Gerry J. Hughes of Campion Hall, Oxford University, UK; Prof Nigel Dower of Aberdeen University, Scotland; and Prof Phillip Rossi, Marquette University, USA.


Owing to this relationship, Arrupe Jesuit University is able to present candidates who have completed its programme of studies in philosophy and other humanities to the University of Zimbabwe for the award of their Diploma in Philosophy and Theology, BA Honours in Philosophy degree, and MA in Philosophy.

Pontificia University Gregoriana

The university is also affiliated with the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome which awards successful candidates a Baccalaureate degree in Philosophy.

Our Partners

Like any other high institution of learning in this century, Arrupe, too, is opening its doors to a wider academic world. This exercise recently started with the entering into a Partnership Agreement with the largest Jesuit institution in the US, Loyola University Chicago, in view of collaborating in areas of mutual concern.

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