Weekday Courses: Monday to Friday, between 8:00am and 12:20pm

OTHER COURSES open to the public and running at various times in the morning (check with College) – from Monday to Friday are:

Introductory Courses:
I.   Introduction to Political Science
II.  Introduction to International Relations
III. Introduction to Public Administration
IV.  Introduction to Law and Justice

I.  Portuguese  Beginners Class
II. Portuguese Intermediate/Advanced Class
III.French Beginners Class
IV. French Intermediate/Advanced Class.

Other Courses

I.    Governance in Africa
II.   Theories of Development in Africa
III.  Ethics of War and Humanitarian Action
IV.   Peace and Conflict Management
V. Disaster Management and Trauma Counselling

I. Educational Administration and Leadership
II. Educational Psychology
III. Introduction to Social Psychology
IV. Introduction to African Psychology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

I. Microsoft Office
II. Computer Software

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Entry Requirements: A-levels, or University Mature Entry   Registration Closes: Monday 17 August Duration of Courses: 12-14 Weeks Fees: USD 200

Contacts: Tel. (04) 745-411/745-903.

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