Bachelor of Arts Honours in Transformational Leadership

Program Overview

The degree course consists of four years of education at the Arrupe Jesuit University campus. The first and second years of the programme will consist of courses taken on twelve-week basis and followed by a field project. The third and fourth years consist of theoretical courses and a final project. The applied field work in the home communities of the students supported by experienced mentors. The unique nature of this course lies in its emphasis on the transformation of destructive development structures through the conscientization and mobilization of disempowered people. The focus is predominantly aimed at community-level activism although it includes policy analysis and advocacy. The course methodology is based on the work of Paulo Freire and other similar development thinkers, and the content renewed and contextualized to address the particular problems of the 21st century.
  1. To build a new level of leadership in the development education field that is grounded in good theory and practice.
  2. To build the knowledge base, analytic abilities and skills of teams from NGOs and community organisations to empower local self-reliant community development efforts and to link these efforts within wider global and national movements within civil society.
  3. To build the confidence and skills of students to work with and challenge their governments to ensure the adoption of macro-economic policies that are to the advantage of the marginalized.
  4. To deepen the vision, values and commitment to justice, peace and a culture of caring.
  • Women and men who have been trainers, with at least 2 – 3 years of experience with grassroots groups, willing to analyses their programmes and their commitment
  • People capable of understanding their national economy, and who demonstrate the ability to see beyond their local community and to study global trends
  • Also the prospective students must meet the regular university requirement in Zimbabwe or country of origin for a BA honours degree (5 O Levels, 2 A levels including English and Mathematics), relevant diplomas and certificates will be considered. All will be considered without discrimination of race, age, nationality, gender or religion etc.


FIrst Year

  • TFT101 Introduction to Capacity Building Studies
  • TFT102 Introduction to Transformative Development
  • TFT103 Adult and Popular Education

  • TFT104 Paulo Freire in Practice I

  • TFT105 Introduction to Political Economy
  • TFT111 Academic Writing

  • TFT106 Introduction to Spirituality
  • TFT107 Gender Studies
  • TFT108 Introduction to Organisational Development
  • TFT109 Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • TFT110 Lobbying & Advocacy
  • TFT112 Oral Communication
  • TFT113 Introduction to Theories of Development

Second Year

  • TFT201 Strategic Community Life Management
  • TFT202 Global Transformative Development Studies
  • TFT203 Culture & Development
  • TFT204 Political economy
  • TFT205 Social Business
  • TFT206 Sustainable Organisational Development
  • Elective

  • TFT208 Paulo Freire in Practice II
  • TFT209 Eco-spirituality
  • TFT210 Climatic Change and Conflict Transformation
  • TFT211 Gender reconciliation
  • TFT212 Social research
  • TFT207 Social movements and Organisation
  • Elective:

TFT208 Year Two Field Practice:

Practical Application Of Part One Of An Action Research Project (12) e.g. Compiling A Literature Review And Conducting Interviews On A Specific Relevant Social Issue.

Third Year

  • TFT301 Personal development and group dynamics
  • TFT302 Society Studies
  • TFT303 Transformative development and Education
  • TFT304 Contemporary Theories of development
  • TFT305 Philosophy of Paulo Freire
  • Elective:

  • TFT306 Ethics and the philosophy of development
  • TFT307 Ignatian Spirituality
  • TFT308 ICT and Development
  • TFT313 Leadership and Governance Studies
  • TFT309 Research Methodology
  • TFT310 African Economic history

Forth Year

  • TFT411 Field Research and Preparing to Write a Dissertation
  • TFT501 Service Programme
  • TFT412 Dissertation
  • Elective:
  • Elective:

  • TFT412 Dissertation
  • Elective
  • Elective