Education & Leadership Executive Courses


Executive Certificate in Education and Leadership

School leaders are called to be leaders par excellence. They work with diverse stakeholders who have even more diverse needs. They, as leaders of educational institutes, need to be as astute in their leadership as possible. This certificate is designed to re-awaken and sharpen their qualities and hone their skills of leadership of educational institutions. The modules offered include the roles and functions of a leader in an educational institution, different types of leadership styles, to some real practical skills that an educational leader needs to have such as, conflict management and team-building and the development of collegiality. The overall objective is to make you, a more effective leader of any educational institution.

Instructional Technology Education
Leadership and Ethics

The rationale behind this course is to offer an intersection between leadership and ethics. Its aim, therefore, is to introduce and cover the concept of ethical leadership. It will address questions such as: “Does ethics have any role to play in leadership or in the development of leaders? Does ethics influence leaders? Does being ethical make one a better leader?” It will thus look at the place and influence of ethics in leadership. As such then, it will cover issues such as moral development, development of values and virtuous behaviour in leaders. It will also focus on the characteristics or the main tenets of ethical leadership, and the ways in which an ethical leader differs from other types of leaders.

Education Innovation
ICT Education

The aim of this course is to showcase the benefits that ICT brings to education and its provision. In this period when more learning is taking place online, this course is highly essential for teachers and educators in general to become abreast with the ways in which ICT can be utilised to enhance the provision of education. As such, the course will cover concepts and skills that are required in order to enable and effect the use of ICT to support and enhance teaching, learning and assessment in a classroom. It will also cover such aspects as key ICT resources for teaching and learning, key classroom technologies, some common teaching and learning platforms (e.g. Google Classrooms) and ICT resources for assessment of teaching and learning.

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